Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Impressions - Weeks 42 & 43

EN: There we go, these pictures are already out of my last 2 weeks in London. 
I had definitely the best time of my life while I studied here in London.
Absolutely adore this city. 
There are hundreds of things to explore and even in two months I never got bored in this lovely city.
Not only that London is like a shopping heaven for me, 
it definitely seems like everybody else also enjoys fashion here. Inspiration pure!
So like I saied there are loads of things to see in London and here are some snapshots from my last weeks: 

The Shard / The vie from the Shard
London Zoo

If you wonder, yes this is a real car ;) Never ever seen such an odd car before :D

Favorite cookies, so delicious - definitely try them if you're in London!

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